Writing – The Power of the Pen

There are three types of professional writing services available to you, regardless of whether your need is technical, marketing, copywriting, research, or website copy:

  • Good

  • Fast

  • Cheap

You can pick any two types of writing from that list, but not all three.  Let me explain…

The Plain Truth about Writers and Writing

Qualified professional writers (as opposed to the many hacks shilling themselves on most freelance sites) will always be able to deliver good copy fast, but it won’t be cheap–you get what you pay for and bumping your project to the front of the queue means making other clients wait.

We can offer good copy cheap, but it won’t be fast–the lower the price, the lower in the queue you will be or your project will get attention in between higher-paying jobs.

There is no such thing as writing that is good, fast, and cheap.  Anybody who tells you otherwise is trying to foist off less-than-spectacular copy or selling a writing course. Ask yourself this; even if the writing is cheap and fast, do you really want drivel representing you, your company, or your website? Of course not.

If you want top-rate copy, contact me; I’ve been doing this for 25 years.  Fast will cost a little more, cheap will be a little slower.  Regardless of the pace, however, you will get good–no, make that great–copy.

Check out the Services page to make sure I write what you need.  Look over the About Me page to see who I am.  Then, peruse the Writing Samples page so you can see how I do it.  After those three stops, contact me.  I will put the power of my pen into your hands.

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