The Restoration Project

Many years ago, I did a study on the meaning of names in the Bible for an upcoming seminar in which I was speaking. I used the book of Nehemiah as a pattern to show that names are important and often relate to the context of the scripture, e.g., Nehemiah means “Jehovah Comforts” and it is no coincidence that he was the primary agent to bring the comfort of God to the destroyed city of Jerusalem.

At the time, I felt very strongly that this entire concept should be written into a book.

Well, over 20 years have passed and the book is neither written nor published. So, after repenting of not writing these concepts down, I am going to present them as a series of articles on this website and call it a project. This will do a couple of things for both me and you; it will make the whole process less daunting for me as I work through editing and adding material. It will hopefully be helpful and insightful for you–and it is free. If it ultimately comes into print or an e-book, that will be made available as well.

So, here it is. For ease of navigation, you can either use the drop-down menu or the links at the bottom of each page. Please feel free to give me your feedback using the contact form on this site. Also, should you desire to receive notice when updates are posted, either enter your email in the form at the bottom of the Home page or by using the form on the Contact Me page. Your email address will not be shared with anyone and I promise not to be obnoxiously productive and send you several emails a week. Hope you enjoy!

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