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I am providing various writing samples from business administration and management to fiction. Some of these are direct excerpts from documents or private client sites and some are links to published articles.  Have a look at anything related to your project; if you like what you see, contact me immediately.




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Deep Water

A Short Story (Excerpt)

Yes, he concurred as he gazed at her receding image, we always try to play our best with the hand we’re dealt. And I will definitely write when I can, love. Absolutely.  He tipped the tumbler and stared into it. The cubes clinking against the side of the heavy glass confirmed the low bourbon levels—an untenable situation in his current state of mind and level of sobriety. An old fan labored overhead, its paddles pushing the heat around the room, cooling nothing. Outdoor desert bars—isn’t that a great idea? Especially on an Arizona summer afternoon. Geez.  The irony that he could leave at any time—but wouldn’t—was not lost on him. No, irony was never lost on him and standing here exactly where the fires of what-could-have-been had turned into the ashes of not-on-your-life, he couldn’t bring himself to leave the scene of the crime. He looked back up over the far side of the bar to see if he could catch her diminishing form. There she was still, though the rising thermals of the wicked midday sun made her figure sway like an exotic dancer in a room full of legionnaires. Close enough to see, but too far away to touch. That was their story all right. As he signaled for the next round of pain relief, he cast a wry glance at his reflection in the mirror behind the bar. Maybe she was right. Maybe it was better this way. Still, the face in the glass told the tale. Thank God for brown corn liquor, ice cubes, and heavy tumblers….


Carlita Gabaldon strolled into the cocktail party with the grace and air of a person seated in the most comfortable booth of her favorite restaurant, about to pick through the familiar menu…put her in an upscale crowd, especially one containing a group of men from out of town without their wives, and she was in the zone.